Message Killer for FSX

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Message Killer for FSX

Сообщение Oleg » 24 май 2009, 00:22

1. Status Messages
These are the messages that appear in the corner of the window, announcing such things as parking brake/brake status, slew mode, pause, etc. They’re helpful, but some ’simmers like to turn some of them off for the sake of realism — like the parking brakes notification, for instance — preferring to look around the plane and get cues from the state of the cockpit instead. In FSX, messages for Brakes, Parking Brakes, Pause, Slew, Stall, and Overspeed can be switched off individually using the following lines in the fsx.cfg [DISPLAY] section:

To tell FS not to display one or more of these messages, simply change the “True” to “False”. It’s a lot easier than a resource hacking tool.
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