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New aviation library (english)

СообщениеДобавлено: 21 ноя 2009, 14:16

SKYbrary's objective is to become a single point of reference for aviation safety knowledge. The SKYbrary knowledgebase is a dynamic enterprise and has taken several years to develop. To develop further, and maintain the accuracy and relevance of the knowledgebase, will require the support and active participation of all those interested in promoting best practice and knowledge in aviation safety.

Our priorities for year one, to 30 June 2009, were:

To focus on:
  • Who: Flight Operations
  • Where: Globally
  • What: Operational Risks
  • Aviation sector: Commercial Air Transport

    Our Content Development objectives were:
  • to achieve complete subject coverage in 5 key risk categories:
    • Loss of Control
    • CFIT
    • Runway Excursion
    • Runway Incursion
    • Loss of Separation
We are adding further material to these categories and plan to have full subject coverage for all Operational Issues and Airworthiness by December 2009.

We have incorporated The FSF Operators Guide to Human Factors in Aviation (OGHFA)into SKYbrary and in 2010 will be developing several new categories of collected knowledge, including:
  • Human Error in Aviation and Legal Process
  • Cabin Safety
  • Emergency Planning and Response
SKYbrary is set up as a wiki, using the same platform as wikipedia, with some additions and some restrictions.